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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday, 2/23/12

ES did form another zig-zag, so it is a triple zig-zag into today's low:

Updating yesterday's Minor W4 flat idea:

But the run up since today's low appears stronger than would be expected, which brings to mind the thought that Minute W5 of Minor W3 is still in progress. One way for it to resolve would be in the form of an ending diagonal:


  1. Hi Apple Al,

    Thanks for the charts.
    The only thing is that I cannot see the legends, as they are too dark. Sure looks like the price hit your line (1368.75) almost exactly today before declining quickly. Based on the chart, Do you think this is the end of Minute 5 and thus the end of Minor W3?

    If so , minor W4 downside target?

    Where can I find a Legend which shows the color scheme on your charts? 


  2.  Just put up a new post which should answer your questions.  As to your question about viewing the charts, I'm not sure of the solution.  Do you know how to expand the view of the charts?  To get an expanded view of embedded charts, right click on desired
    chart.  A menu will pop up.  In the menu, right click on "Open link in
    new tab" or "Open link in new window".

    Otherwise try these:

  3.  Did you get my answer to your questions over the weekend?  The reason I ask is that the blog host alerted me that the answer was "flagged" do to links embedded in the answer.  Don't know what that's about - heck, if I'm the host I should be able to embed links..........