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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday, 1/14/12 update

Candy for the bears:
ES Daily
ES hourly - alternate #1
ES hourly - alternate #2

Candy for the bulls:

ES Daily

Candy for both:

ES Daily


  1. Hope there will be more Candies for Investors !!!

  2. Disqus finally let me into the comment section.

    My long to intermediate term indicator is bullish.  But short term indicators are bearish or moving into bearish territory. 

    We shall see which way the market wants to break.  Currently in no-man land.

  3. Yes, DISQUS should work now, they recently released an updated version which I loaded into the blog site over the weekend.
    Yes, I believe we're close to some type of top in equities, just put up a new post to that effect.  Longer term is a more problematic situation, but I also lean bullish there.