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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saturday, 9/16/17 update

The ES closed at an even 2500.00 on Friday.  Ding!!  One more milepost on the way to ES 10000.00.  Bears are extinct, go long or be wrong!!

Obviously, the trend continues to be up.  The question as to what degree to assign to the early August correction remains open.  Was it Intermediate W4 as in alternate #1 below?  If so a major top is nearby.  Or was it a Minute W4 of an extended Minor W5 as in alternate #2?  In that case there's a lot more bull market yet to occur before that major top comes into view.  Right now alternate #2 seems more likely given the relative shallowness of that early August correction.

Alternate #1

Alternate #2 

A major top will be accompanied by some type of panic.  If alternate #1 is correct there should be a significant negative financial and/or geopolitical development that occurs in the very near future.  Some things of note in this regard are the recent moves by major world Central Banks to more restrictive postures and of course the North Korean situation.  Worth watching these.
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