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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday, 1/21/14 update

I use TOS for charting & trading, they sent in an update over the weekend that has blown up - had to uninstall and reinstall their software yesterday and was able to get in a little work on charts late yesterday PM, but this AM back to square one - can't even get to the log in window!!!  Very frustrating, computers are wonderful when everything's working properly, but when it isn't they are a nightmare.  When I first started trading back in the dark ages, I charted with a pencil & some graph paper, sometimes I wonder if that wasn't better - at least I didn't spend endless time on hold waiting for a tech.

Anyway, can't post any charts at the moment, but on the short term it appeared that last week's pattern was corrective in nature which indicates further rally this week.  However, the market is almost certainly in a 5th wave, and probably at several degrees, so caution is warranted.
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