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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday, 4/2/13 update

Couple of things showing up on this rally today which could be significant.

1st is the Vindicator Buy/Sell index which measures buying and selling pressure.  The chart of that below uses 26 half hour periods as a base, which equates to two days of activity.  Over the last two days selling pressure has exceeded buying pressure.  That will probably swing the other way if the current rally is sustained for the rest of today, but it should be noted that this did not occur as a result of sell offs since Mar 21 when the recent roller coaster commenced. 

2nd is the performance of the broader market as compared to the S&P.  The RUT is not participating in today's rally, at least not to the same extent as the S&P.  The chart below has the RUT in black bars and the S&P in purple, the indicator below the chart is a simple ratio of RUT divided by S&P.  I checked the NYSE and that index shows a similar situation.

Both these indicators may mean absolutely nothing in the end, but they are showing up at just about the right point.  However keep in mind that trending markets can be freight trains that crush everything standing in there way.  So a good idea would be to wait for a turn to be confirmed in some fashion before jumping on the bear wagon. 
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