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Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, 9/26/11 update

Little dicey today, prices broke below the trend line early in the day but buy line didn't cross below the sell line. Later on that crossover did occur but by then prices were back above the trend line and rallying. After that the Buy/Sell line swapped back and forth but prices remained firmly above the trend line. So no sell signal was ever generated even though the market danced at the edge of the cliff. Nice little pop at the end of the day turned the long ES from Friday from marginal to profitable.
For today, either the SPX/Vindicator trading method was a) doing it's job because of superior design or b) lucky. I'd like to think it was option a, but more likely option b played a role.


  1. Wow! Nice work Apple Al. I stopped visiting for a while because it seemed to me that you had taken a hiatus. I'm glad that I decided to stop back by.

    I just have a small account in the States, but I live in Korea. Because I work, I don't stay up all night watching the market. I know that your Vindicator is running on 10 minute charts, but I was wondering if you think I could benefit by following its triggers on a day-to-day basis? I ask the question knowing full well that ultimately I am responsible for my own money and trading decisions.

    Take care. Congratulations on the money you're making.

  2. The trading I'm doing works best "real time".  Don't know how it would work if you only check daily, I suspect not very well.  If your looking for that type of approach, check out this guy's work